About Us


Entra Health is an international mobile health IT company focused on cloud-based remote patient monitoring, telehealth, health data exchange and analytics solutions.

We provide a suite of technology solutions and services ranging from our own FDA Class II software platform through to our comprehensive one-stop shopping for remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and mobile health devices.  Entra Health also manufacturers the MyGlucoHealth brand of wireless blood glucose meters and accessories, and is an international market leader in supplying wireless glucose monitoring for clinical trials in diabetes research.

At Entra Health, we are passionate about improving communication between patients, clinicians and caregivers.  We focus on providing services, products and solutions to ensure that technology supports the user, rather the other way around.

Entra Health was founded in 2007 to create integrated wireless healthcare technologies. Our headquarters is in San Diego with sales offices in Atlanta, London, Sydney and Seoul.

Why Entra?

Worldwide Regulatory Expertise and Approvals

Entra Health started in the United States and Europe and has since expanded worldwide. Our devices, platform and software are used daily by patients in more than 50 countries.

Experts in Wireless Medical Device APIs

Entra Health has a proven track record in the successful integration of wireless medical and wellness devices. Patient friendly, safe, secure, remote data collection, visualization and analytics.

White Label Platform

Entra Health is unique in our willingness to license and white label our core software apps and online platforms. Our customers get the benefit of seven years of software development and in-use testing with their own personal look and feel.

Early Innovator

Entra Health has seven years of growth and profitability. We are an early innovator in digital health, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. Our management team has a proven track record in health care IT and in growing health care technology companies.

Experienced Medical Device Manufacturer

Entra Health develops and manufactures the MyGlucoHealth wireless glucose meter product line, which has become the de facto standard for clinical research. Medical device manufacturers are held to a much higher standard than health care software and app companies. Entra has an audited ISO13485 quality systems and is audited more than 20 times each year by federal and state regulators and our clinical research customers.

Our Management Team

Richard C. Strobridge

Vice President, Healthcare

Richard is a recognized expert in digital health, telemedicine, healthcare IT, medical imaging, advanced operating room design and medical technology integration. Throughout his career he has specialized in healthcare delivery and organizational process improvement through the use of telecommunications and information technology.

Mr. Strobridge was a pioneer in integrated voice/video/data networking, videoconferencing and telemedicine. He implemented some of the first video networks in the U.S. and his career includes many firsts in the video networking field such as the first high speed multipoint still image delivery system, the first VSAT satellite-based… Read More

Larry Mahar

Vice President, Healthcare Technologies

Larry Mahar has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in a wide range of software and technology enterprises. Prior to joining Entra, Mahar served as the President and Founder of TouchTrak where he was the chief architect of the TouchTrak self-service healthcare solutions.

He was responsible for the continued development of existing and new healthcare and education self-service software solutions. Mahar developed technology used in automated self-service patient services using touch screen kiosks and wireless PC tablets and the Internet. Mahar previously served in executive positions including Sr. Director of Research at The Earth Technology Corporation… Read More

Michele Skibsted

Vice President of Business Development

Michele Skibsted is a recognized expert in the application of new technology in hospital and health care settings. She has more than six years of experience in the successful implementation of mHealth and telehealth technologies and during her tenure at Entra Health. Michele has overseen numerous provider implementations of the Entra’s MyGlucoHealth wireless glucose meter.

She has worked closely with both patients and providers to streamline the implementation process and develop systems for successfully using mHealth technology.Michele’s career also includes key positions in surgery.She was at the forefront of the laparoscopic surgical revolution while at U.S. Surgical Corporation, now Covidien (NYSE: COV)… Read More

Matthew B. Weisensee

Vice President of Sales

Mr. Weisensee is an expert in sales & business development, and implementing strategic alliances. During his accomplished career, Matt has identified and closed millions of dollars of business while managing partner opportunities for many global consulting, healthcare, security services, investigative, educational and biotech firms.

He leverages both his experience in consultative selling and in planning long-term strategies to facilitate technology and human capital management solutions for client organizations. As VP of Sales for Entra Health, Weisensee is responsible for continued development and growth of the global organization, including all top-line sales and revenue objectives… Read More

Ala Mushal

Director of Engineering

Ala joined Entra Health in 2011 and has over 20 years of experience in software development. He plays an integral role in all aspects of design, development and support of Entra Health’s web and mobile applications. Ala’s prior experience in a range of industries provides a solid background for delivering new innovations and solutions in healthcare. In addition, he is skilled in using agile and waterfall methodologies, and he has strong knowledge of…Read more

Carolyn Mace

Operations Manager

Carolyn began her career in healthcare in 2005 and joined Entra Health in 2012. Carolyn leads all global logistics including coordinating the setup, configuration and packaging of remote monitoring devices and software. Carolyn led Entra Health’s relocation to an expanded logistics center in early 2015, customizing the facility layout, managing inventory to ensure maximum efficiency and ensuring all international regulatory requirements were met. Carolyn manages our talented shipping team as they coordinate deliveries to destinations around the world. She also assists customers in navigating… Read More

Michele Goodwin

RAQA Manager

Michele joined Entra Health in March 2016 and manages the RA/QA department. She is responsible for documentation management, product quality complaints, internal and external audits and developing regulatory strategies for new market opportunities. Michele brings over twenty-seven years of experience in the medical device industry with… Read More