Larry Mahar

Larry Mahar, Chief Technology Officer

Larry Mahar has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in a wide range of software and technology enterprises. Prior to joining Entra, Mahar served as the President and Founder of TouchTrak where he was the chief architect of the TouchTrak self-service healthcare solutions. He served as the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Trinity Learning Inc’s subsidiary, TouchVision Inc. He was responsible for the continued development of existing and new healthcare and education self-service software solutions. Mahar developed technology used in automated self-service patient services using touch screen kiosks and wireless PC tablets and the Internet.

Mahar previously served in executive positions including Sr. Director of Research at The Earth Technology Corporation (a Tyco Company), and President and Co-Founder of Ecotek Technology Solutions. He has been senior technology advisor for PatienTrak, and Radius Wellcare. Larry holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Michigan State University.