Richard Strobridge

Richard C. Strobridge, CEO & Co-Founder

Richard Strobridge is a recognized expert in healthcare information technology, medical imaging systems, and medical technology integration. Throughout his career he has specialized in healthcare delivery and organizational process improvement through the use of telecommunications and information technology.

Rick is a pioneer in integrated voice/video/data networking, videoconferencing and distance learning. He implemented some of the first video networks in the U.S. and his career includes many firsts in the video networking field such as the first high speed multipoint still image delivery system, the first VSAT satellite-based videoconferencing system, the first compressed motion video arraignment system and the first OR to OR surgical training system. Strobridge’s career includes ten years at SAIC, the FORTUNE 500 scientific, engineering, and technology applications company where he built SAIC’s Telecommunication Systems Operation. Following SAIC, Strobridge founded Tele-Images Inc., a systems integration company. Tele-Images has a wide variety of customers including Hewlett Packard, the U.S. Navy, California State University and Bank of America.

In 1998, Strobridge co-founded Infomedix Communications Corporation, which was acquired by Stryker Corporation (NYSE: SYK) in 1999 and is now the Stryker Communications Division. Stryker Communications has integrated more than 3,000 operating rooms in 300 facilities worldwide. In 2004, Strobridge founded Healthcare Technology Corporation (HealthcareTec). HealthcareTec’s objective was to continue the development of innovative operating room designs to provide safer and more efficient surgeries. Strobridge is a graduate of Colgate University in New York.