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The MetroConnect Prize, made possible through JPMorgan Chase, awards $10,000 to 15 San Diego companies

July 1, 2015 – San Diego, CA – Entra Health is pleased to announce it has been awarded $10,000 as part of the MetroConnect Prize, an export assistance grant to help firms pursue foreign markets. This funding will allow the company to further expand market opportunities for cloud-based remote patient monitoring and analytics in markets around the world. The award was announced today at a press conference featuring San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other key elected officials and business leaders.

“This award, as part of the MetroConnect Prize, will help us continue to expand sales of Entra Health’s MyHealthPoint platform for remote health management in markets around the world,” said Richard Strobridge, CEO & Co-founder of Entra Health. “Entra Health has become a one-stop solution for remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and mobile health and we are already an international market leader in wireless glucose data collection for clinical trials. We are now expanding support for heart failure and hypertension to provide an integrated suite of services to our customers.”

Funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co., the MetroConnect Prize grants 15 San Diego companies $10,000 each in order to assist with access to foreign markets. The MetroConnect Prize is part of the Go Global San Diego Initiative, which aims to help San Diego maximize its economic competitiveness and prosperity through increased global engagement. MetroConnect is administered by San Diego Regional EDC. In March 2015, Mayor Faulconer, JPMorgan Chase and others gathered more than 300 key business leaders at the Go Global San Diego Summit to discuss San Diego’s ability to grow jobs and opportunity in the region. The MetroConnect Prize was the first action item announced at the Summit, aimed at assisting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies in innovative industries throughout San Diego were encouraged to fill out an application. In total, 64 companies applied to receive the prize. Companies were selected based on a variety of criteria, including interest in new markets, interest in targeted metro markets, assessed impact of funds, current international plan and more. A panel of judges, including representatives from Biocom, CONNECT, Qualcomm Ventures, Quantum Designs, San Diego Regional EDC, Software San Diego and Wireless Life Sciences Alliance selected the winners.

“We applaud Entra Health for taking the next step going global,” said Mark Cafferty, president and CEO of San Diego Regional EDC. “The MetroConnect Prize is essentially a business accelerator program for globally-minded companies. The funding and guidance provided by the prize will help Entra Health explore new world markets, resulting in economic growth for San Diego.”

Over the next few months, Entra Health will target expanded activities in Europe, the Asia Pacific and the Far East. Global engagement is essential if San Diego wants to catalyze its economy and workforce. The benefits of companies going global and engaging foreign markets are well-documented. According to the Brookings Institute, companies that are global pay their employees higher wages, are less likely to go out of business and spur more efficient development of technology and R&D.

Announced at the press conference today, MetroConnect Prize winners will also be eligible for the grand prize – an additional $50,000 to help one or two companies advance their global agendas. In late 2015, MetroConnect recipients – including Entra Health, will be invited to share their stories for the judges and compete for the grand prize.

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Entra Health is a leading solution provider of high-quality, cloud-based remote patient monitoring, telehealth, health data exchange and analytics solutions. Entra Health’s secure Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) remote patient monitoring solutions and devices have regulatory approval in 50 countries. The company is an international leader in wireless biometric data collection for clinical trials. For more information visit: or call 877-458-2646.

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