New Version Features Expanded Analysis Capabilities, Secure Messaging And Personal Health Management Tools

July 29, 2009 – San Diego, California — Entra Health Systems, an international applied healthcare technology company today released an enhanced version of the MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application. The Mobile Application permits blood glucose testing results stored on the MyGlucoHealth meter to be wirelessly transmitted using Bluetooth® technology by mobile phone to the web for posting.

“There are two key components to the new MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application,” said Larry Mahar, Chief Technology Officer of Entra Health Systems. “The first is a Java application that enables Bluetooth-compatible phones to directly communicate with the MyGlucoHealth Meter to upload readings. The second is a browser application that allows patients to view an abbreviated version of the MyGlucoHealth Portal directly on their phone. Together, they provide an integrated handheld resource with direct, real-time data to help clarify and define treatment strategies and improve overall patient care.”

Using the MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application, patients can log-in to a mobile web browser to review their most recent test results, view line charts, pie charts and histograms, as well as enter weight, exercise and nutritional data. The Mobile Application also allows patients to send and receive secure messages to and from their clinician. In addition, users can order replacement MyGlucoHealth test strips directly through Updated versions of the application can be downloaded by existing users, using a compatible mobile phone.

An upcoming version of the MyGlucoHealth Mobile application will feature a unique “Text to Speech” tool to allow visually impaired patients or family members to review and evaluate test results based on audio responses from their mobile phone. Release of the new Text to Speech feature is scheduled for release in the fourth Quarter 2009.