May 21, 2015 — San Diego — Entra Health today announced a range of
new product and service offerings that further sharpen the company’s focus on
providing fully integrated solutions for cloud-based analytics and remote patient
monitoring in the clinical research space. Entra Health continues to integrate
their Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture with a growing range of remote
patient monitoring solutions including their proprietary MyGlucoHealth wireless
blood glucose meter, as well as clinical grade weight scales, blood pressure
monitors, pulse oximeters and other wireless biometric devices.

“Entra Health expanded on our FDA-approved platform for diabetes management
and has grown into a one-stop solution for remote patient monitoring,
telemedicine and mobile health,” said Richard Strobridge, CEO & Co-founder
of Entra Health. “We have become the international market leader in wireless
glucose data collection for clinical trials, and are expanding into heart failure and
hypertension. Today, our customers include pharma, providers, payers, integrators
and clinical research organizations. We provide clinical-grade devices and
connectivity, data analytics and interoperability, along with the logistics and support
for clinical trials around the world.”

The Entra Health FDA Class II and 21 CFR Part 11 platform is called MyHealthPoint
and features independent Patient, Caregiver, Clinician and Analyst
portals with the flexibility to track and direct specific information to each audience.
The platform is engineered for universal EHR integration to streamline
clinical workflow and provide clinicians with data that can help identify potential
issues. When used in clinical research, the system improves titration, and rewards
investigators with more timely and accurate data directly from patients’

About Entra Health

Entra Health is a leading solution provider of high-quality, cloud-based remote
patient monitoring, telehealth, health data exchange and analytics solutions.
Entra Health’s secure Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) remote patient monitoring
solutions and devices have regulatory approval in 50 countries. The company is
an international leader in wireless biometric data collection for clinical trials. For
more information visit: or call 877-458-2646.