November 4, 2009 – San Diego, California & Dhaka, Bangladesh — Entra Health Systems, an international applied healthcare technology company and the Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. (TRCL) of Dhaka, a pioneer in eHealth, today launched AmCare – Intensive Diabetes Management, the world’s first integrated mobile phone-based telehealth network that uses MyGlucoHealth Wireless diabetic monitoring technology. In Bangladesh, TRCL will operate eHealth call centers to provide diabetes patient care using Entra Health’s new MyGlucoHealth Wireless Bluetooth®-enabled blood glucose meter.

“AmCare is a first of its kind eHealth solution using wireless diabetes monitoring technology along with live clinical support through a mobile phone,” said Dr. Sikder M. Zakir, Managing Director of Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. “AmCare’s Intensive Diabetes Management is a subscription-based service that provides direct, informed medical care. Physicians in the AmCare call center continuously monitor blood glucose readings from a patient’s MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter and use the real-time data to care for and treat the patient 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The patient is always connected to medical support through their mobile phone.”

“AmCare in conjunction with MyGlucoHealth online technology add a whole new personalized dimension to diabetic care,” said Richard Strobridge, CEO of Entra Health Systems. “AmCare integrates with MyGlucoHealth wireless technology to help patients maintain their lifestyle, while living with diabetes. We believe patient-centric telehealth solutions like MyGlucoHealth and AmCare will go a long way toward providing more complete, affordable patient care worldwide.”

The AmCare Intensive Diabetes Management solution monitors testing results from the MyGlucoHealth meter as the data is wirelessly transmitted via a patient’s mobile phone to a diabetes call center. Depending on reported blood glucose levels, the call center will review results and communicate directly with the patient. When abnormal readings are detected for two consecutive days, a text message alert is sent to the patient and their family. Continued reports of above or below average readings will engage the call center to contact the patient directly. If the patient is still unable to control their blood sugar, the center will communicate with the patient and the family to offer additional clinical support. For further intervention, the center can schedule appointments with an endocrinologist to evaluate more extensive treatment options. AmCare offers multiple service packages to suit the individual needs of each patient.

About Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh

Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. (TRCL) is an innovative Medical Service Solution company introducing revolutionary electronic healthcare (eHealth) and mobile healthcare (mHealth) solutions for patients in the 21st century. TRCL’s milestone project is “HealthLine”, a medical call center based health information and service system, which provides integration of patient’s healthcare service needs on 24/7 basis by live-licensed physicians by the press of a few buttons on the mobile (cell) phones. As treatment of diseases getting more complex, TRCL is tirelessly pushing the boundaries to simplify patient’s life while providing first-class healthcare management solutions though the use of health information and communication technologies (HICT) tools.