January 25, 2013 – San Diego, CA – Entra Health Systems is dedicated to providing better health solutions for a world embracing the newest in wireless technologies. The main stakeholders in the healthcare process are healthcare consumers (patients). Consumer-oriented care, where patients are directly involved in the process of care, will greatly improve the healthcare process. Technology can and does play a key role in consumer-oriented healthcare. Already the leading and most innovative company in eHealth and mHealth, Entra now announces the addition of its new Android application to its ever-expanding and inter-connective MyHealthPoint Platform. MyHealthPoint is a comprehensive health and wellness solution that helps improve user health by better managing health and wellness goals. It is designed to be used with a personalized online portal. Users can choose to use just the mobile app or can use their online personal portal or both. Data that is wirelessly or manually entered is synched to both. MyHealthPoint is fully integrated with the Qualcomm 2Net wireless home medical device hub for complete privacy and security.

This free Android APP functions as a “second brain”. As the newest member of the Entra mobile offering, the Android APP is unmatched in interconnectivity and ease of use. If the user knows how to create playlists and add songs in iTunes, they’ll be able to keep track of variations in weight, nutrition variables, proper and appropriate exercise, heart health monitoring, medication timings and more. The diabetes management feature allows users tracking blood glucose levels to have immediate, real time inter-connectivity with their entire care team including physicians, caregivers, clinicians, even family and friends.

Entra was attracted to Android, in part, for its open source functionality. For caregivers, clinicians, and other members of the care team, Apps needed to add functionality in at least one of the following three ways: Point of care use, medical education, or patient education. The new, free Entra Android APP enables users in all three ways. Larry Mahar, Entra’s Chief Technology Officer adds, “Our objective in creating the MyHealthPoint platform and the Android mobile application is to give our members the tools needed to easily manage their health and wellness from anywhere and to share their information in real time with family members and their caregivers.” The free MyHealthPoint Android App is available from your Android phone on the Google Play Store. The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter and Strips are available at www.myglucohealthstore.com and at other major outlets worldwide.

About Entra Health Systems – Entra Health Systems recognizes that common wireless technologies are underutilized in healthcare. By applying these and other technologies, the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes will be improved and healthcare costs will be dramatically reduced. Telehealth applications and services offer the potential to extend world-class healthcare to anywhere on the globe. Entra’s Wireless healthcare solutions closely connect healthcare providers with their patients. To learn more, please visit www.entrahealth.wpengine.com.

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