Provides Direct Access to Latest MyGlucoHealth Technology

May 5, 2009 – San Diego, California — Entra Health Systems, an international applied healthcare technology company today launched, a new online diabetic products store that is available for customers in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. features unique capabilities that simplify the ordering of the MyGlucoHealth meters, strips and other related diabetic care products.

“As we expand and roll out regional distribution of MyGlucoHealth products within the US and European communities, many diabetic patients are anxious to test out our new integrated glucometer with real-time web reporting and alerts,” said Richard Strobridge, Chief Executive Officer of Entra Health Systems. “Following the official launch of the first FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth® blood glucose meter last month, demand for the meter and strips has outpaced our ability to establish distribution networks and retail sites both domestically and internationally. allows patients a direct resource to purchase meters and strips until local sources become available.” is currently shipping to the US and US territories, Europe and the Caribbean basin, unless specifically restricted by government compliance. Instruction manuals are currently available in English, German and Dutch. All major credit cards are accepted.

Entra Health Systems is in the process of establishing reimbursement policies with most major health insurance providers in the US, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. The company’s goal is to develop full distribution relationships and support operations across the Western Hemisphere and in Europe by the fourth quarter of 2009.