Unique Telehealth Solution for Diabetic Patient Monitoring Is Available to Grant Organizations to Investigate the Effectiveness of Online Data Tools to Improve Treatment and Reduce the Cost of Care

June 17, 2009 – San Diego, California — Entra Health Systems, an international applied healthcare technology company today announced a program to offer free diabetic testing meters to clinics, community health organizations and rural health groups serving the Hispanic, Native American and other underserved diabetic populations in the United States. Entra Health will provide MyGlucoHealth meter kits to support clinical testing programs and grant-funded studies to investigate the effectiveness of online data tools to improve the care of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics and reduce the overall cost of treatment.

Entra Health will support any approved study by providing the USB-version of the MyGlucoHealth blood glucose meter along with free access to online patient upload accounts, access to the Physician’s Portal for clinician monitoring as well as technical support. The clinic will be responsible for patient support and other supplies and reporting related to the study. Test strips for the MyGlucoHealth meter will be supplied directly to the clinic at reduced rates and may be reimbursable under state or federal health plans. The USB version of the MyGlucoHealth meter connects to the Internet using a personal computer to manage testing information and communicate results to the MyGlucoHealth Portal.

Acceptable criteria for a clinical study includes patient populations as described above with between fifty and one thousand participants. The study should examine among other things, the benefits and results of using an integrated data capture system for blood glucose monitoring to report testing levels via a secure web portal. Study endpoints should include HbA1C reduction through improved monitoring and increased testing compliance.

Patients will have the ability to upload results using their own personal computer or bring their meter into a clinic to upload data. The MyGlucoHealth Portal will be available for access by the patient’s diabetes care team, family members and others as authorized by the patient. Test results from the meter are automatically time and date stamped and cannot be modified by the patient.

“MyGlucoHealth is designed to increase direct doctor/patient communication, as well as promote regular testing by diabetic patients,” said John Hendel, Chairman of Entra Health Systems. “The MyGlucoHealth meter eliminates the need for patients to maintain a written log book, this is especially important among populations where literacy or language is an issue. Within underserved patient populations, we believe MyGlucoHealth will significantly improve treatment and reduce the cost of care through improved monitoring by the clinician and care team.”

Clinicians can log into the Physicians’ Portal on the MyGlucoHealth web site to view a full patient dashboard, evaluate data and examine graphs. Access to the Portal can be granted to multiple clinicians to view a specific population of patient data. The targets and alerts section of the Portal allows the clinician to establish individual or group high/low ‘threshold’ settings for blood glucose levels and then communicate any significant changes to anyone they designate. For the patient alerts can be customized to include trend warnings, low testing frequency, and other parameters keys to improving care. In addition, a unique feedback mechanism employs SMS text messages and emails directly to the patient or their family to encourage testing compliance and provides other motivational information.

Physicians, clinics or health agencies interested in conducting a study using the MyGlucoHealth meter should contact the Director of Clinical Affairs at Entra Health Systems by calling 877-458-2646 (877-GLUCO-4-ME) Extension 703.