Integrators and Developers

With a rapidly aging population in some parts of the world and curbs on government spending, the use of computer-compatible devices and online tools as part of a program of preventive medicine is growing fast.

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Solution works in combination with a real time online data collection network to upload and report patient blood glucose readings. Personal information is stored in a secure, encrypted database and the privacy controls are set entirely by the individual, including what information goes in and who gets to see it.

MyGlucoHealth is compatible with Microsoft® HealthVault®. We have chosen to integrate with HealthVault based on its impressive global interface. Today, millions of people worldwide use HealthVault as favored destination sites. For MyGlucoHealth, these systems provide an efficient depository of safe and secure connected links.

MyGlucoHealth is already available around the world using various smartphones, simple mobile phones and devices with Bluetooth®. Our earliest partnerships centered on Britain, Australia, Germany, the United States and India. Today, we are heavily promoted in Asia: in Hong Kong, in partnership with PCCW, and in Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Now, with regulatory approvals in over 50 countries, MyGlucoHealth is used and recognized across the globe.