International Downloads of MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application
From Ovi Store by Nokia Approaches 150,000 in Less Than 9 Weeks

SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the weeks following the introduction of the MyGlucoHealth App for mobile diabetes management on the Ovi Store by Nokia, worldwide downloads are approaching 150,000 and increasing daily. The MyGlucoHealth App allows Nokia handset users to upload and manage blood glucose readings using the MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter.

“To date, India, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East have shown the highest number of downloads and use of the application outside of the United States,” said John Hendel, Chairman of Entra Health Systems. “Strong response from Spain, Mexico and a number of South American nations has encouraged us to accelerate Spanish language localization and distribution of the product. The same is true in the European Community, where adoption of the MyGlucoHealth App has been especially strong in Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain. In recent weeks, downloads from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam has directed our focus on broader distribution and language support throughout the Asia Pacific.”

The MyGlucoHealth App empowers patients to stay connected, manage their diabetes and improve their lives and lifestyles using the MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter and Nokia phone. The App allows users to wirelessly upload blood tests to an online portal, review results on their handset, as well as chart data or enter weight and nutritional information. In addition, MyGlucoHealth can notify family, physicians or caregivers with automated text message alerts and reminders when results exceed personally established threshold limits.

Entra Health and Nokia, the world’s leading maker of mobile handsets, are teaming to co-market integrated mHealth solutions that employ the MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose meter. The MyGlucoHealth Mobile App is available for free through Ovi Store at for Nokia smartphones and feature phones running the Symbian and Series 40 operating systems*. New Nokia phones are being added to the list daily. Contact the MyGlucoHealth Customer Care Hotline if your phone is not currently supported. The MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter is available from and other major outlets worldwide.