November 5, 2010 – San Diego — The MyGlucoHealth diabetes management system recently received regulatory approval in India. The MyGlucoHealth system includes the MyGlucoHealth Wireless glucometer, test strips, mobile phone application and online portals. Regulatory approval from Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation, (Food and Drug Administration Bhavan, New Delhi) ensures that MyGlucoHealth strips meets Indian standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. The MyGlucoHealth license number is NCD 145/10.

“India is often referred to as the ‘diabetes capital of the world,’ with the highest number of diabetic patients of any country,” said Richard Strobridge, CEO of Entra Health Systems, maker of MyGlucoHealth. “MyGlucoHealth offers a comprehensive solution to help over 40 million diabetics in India better manage their condition using a mobile phone and online services. Since most Indians have mobile phones, but few have computers, we have developed a unique solution, in conjunction with major clinical care groups in India, to enable patients to upload test results to the MyGlucoHealth online portal using SMS messaging technology. This gives users access to the alerts and messaging features of MyGlucoHealth without the need for costly data plans.”

MyGlucoHealth provides a quick and convenient way for persons with diabetes to measure and self-manage blood glucose levels. Using automated tools, MyGlucoHealth sends reminders to encourage patients to test more frequently, as well as to notify family, caregivers and clinicians when testing results reach critical levels. MyGlucoHealth gives patients more direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers.

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose meter and other consumables will be available throughout India in the coming months. For information on product availability or distribution opportunities within India, contact Shailesh Gadre, director of GCV Life Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai,