Frequently Asked Questions

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Attention Clinical Study Participants, Sponsors and CROs - Due to the customizable nature of our products, please refer to your IRB approved documentation for Support. The information shown here may differ from the configuration of the devices used in your study.


After I take a blood test my reading is not displaying on the screen, why is that?

After you have taken a blood test, you must first select an activity before your blood result will be displayed. The activity selection icons and descriptions are located on page seven of the user manual.

Are MyGlucoHealth test strips ISO 15197:2013 approved?

Yes the MGH-BT1 model is approved.

Can I change the units of measure on the glucometer from Mg/dL to mmol/L or vice versa?

No. The meter is set with a standard unit setting that cannot be changed by the user. If a meter that is programmed with a different unit set than expected, please contact Customer Support.

Can I reuse test strips?

Test strips can not be reused. Please discard test strips appropriately after each use.

Can I use other test strips with a MyGlucoHealth meter?

The MyGlucoHealth Meter is designed specifically to work with the MyGlucoHealth Test Strips. Strips from other meters will not work with this device.

Can my meter communicate with devices other than my PC or Cell Phone such as insulin pump software?

The MyGlucoHealth meter is capable of transmitting blood glucose results to the MyGlucoHealth website using Bluetooth or direct USB connection only. No other devices should be connected to the meter.

Can other people access the MyGlucoHealth web site and view my readings?

Patients, doctors, families, and their caregivers can access the MyGlucoHealth Portal when the patient provides the outside user with a password and permits access.

Does the MyGlucoHealth Meter comply with HIPAA?

MyGlucoHealth adheres to HIPAA, the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. MyGlucoHealth has implemented programs to address the transaction standards, and the privacy and security implications of the rules pursuant to HIPAA.

How long does it take for readings from my meter to upload to the web site?

Once you have tested and posted the readings from your MyGlucoHealth Meter to the Portal, your results should be posted immediately. The upload process may take from one to three minutes depending on the number of records stored.

How many times should I use the lancet before discarding?

Lancets are designed for single use. Always use a new one for each test. To eliminate contamination, avoid getting hand lotions, oils, dirt or debris on the lancets and the lancing device. Lancing devices and sterile sets should not be shared with others. To reduce the chance of infection they are for your own personal use only.

How secure is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth® is a secure, short-range communications technology that allows wireless connectivity between devices such as mobile phones, personal computers and other devices. A PIN is used for authenticating each device with one another. This creates a secure transmission of information that allows on those synchronized devices to communicate with one another.

How should I properly discard my used test strips?

Test strips should be ejected directly from the meter into a sanitary disposal bin by using the ejector button located above the screen on your device. Test strips should never be used more than once.

How should I store test strips? How long do they last before they are opened? How long do they last once they are opened?

Test strips should be stored in a cool, dry place between 36-86 degrees Fahrenheit (2-30 degrees Celsius). When stored properly test strips can last up to 2 years before being opened. Once they have been opened they should be used within 90 days. Please refer to the expiration date recorded on your test strip box.

I don’t have Bluetooth on either my PC or mobile phone. How can I use the MyGlucoHealth Meter and Patient Analytics Portal?

Even if you don’t have Bluetooth on your PC or Mobile Phone, you can still upload test results to the secured Portal using the USB cable that was included within your device packet. Additional USB cables are available from the online store.

Is MyGlucoHealth compatible with iPhone?

The MyGlucoHealth Meter is not currently compatible with the iPhone. Even though the iPhone has Bluetooth communications capability, it currently will only connect with Apple’s specific Bluetooth devices. Our iPhone solution will be available in 2016.

My phone is not compatible with MyGlucoHealth, when will a driver for it be available? Do I have to buy a new one?

The MyGlucoHealth Meter can be used with any PC with or without Bluetooth capability. The USB cable that comes with the meter allows direct connection between the meter and the computer. However, having access to upload the meter and review results on a mobile phone is a desirable convenience, check your mobile phone contract to see if you can upgrade your phone to a newer, compatible one.

My phone is not listed on the website, but another phone by the same manufacturer is. Will my phone work?

Unless your current phone is Bluetooth enabled, it will not function with the MyGlucoHealth Meter. Contact your mobile phone manufacturer if you are not sure your mobile phone has Bluetooth.

What if I appear to be drawing too much blood when I prick?

If you are drawing too much blood when using the lancing device, you may need to reduce the calibration on your device. The calibration is set from 1 to 5. 1 being for softer, thin skin and 5 being for thicker, calloused ski

What if I don’t appear to be drawing enough blood after the first prick?

If you are not drawing enough blood on the first prick, you may need to adjust the calibration on your lancing device. The calibration is set from 1 to 5. 1 being for softer, thin skin and 5 being for thicker, calloused skin.

What is the battery life of the meter?

The batteries provided with your meter should last for approximately 2,000 tests.

What is the passkey to pair the meter?

When prompted for a passkey when pairing the meter to your mobile phone or Bluetooth on your PC, enter the four digit code “0000”.

Where is a list of compatible mobile phones?

For a complete list of all currently supported mobile phones and carriers visit

Which mobile phones are compatible with the MyGlucoHealth Meter?

The MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application is compatible with hundreds of Bluetooth® enabled Java™ and Smart phone brands used by wireless carriers worldwide. The MyGlucoHealth Meters can be interfaced with using a variety of desktop and mobile development platforms including Windows, Apple Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java enabled mobile devices. It is NOT compatible with the Apple iPhone or iPad because Apple does not provide native support for Bluetooth SPP.

Who is alternate site testing appropriate for?

Patients need to be aware that blood glucose levels from alternate sites may not always be as accurate as readings from fingertips. Because alternate site results differ from fingertip results when glucose levels are changing rapidly, such as after a meal, after taking insulin, during exercise, or when you are ill or under stress, Diabetes experts recommend the use of blood from a fingertip, rather than an alternate site if:
• You believe your blood glucose is low,
• You don’t regularly have symptoms when your blood glucose is low, or
• The way you are feeling doesn’t seem to match the results from the alternate site.
• It is important for the patient to consult a physician before testing at alternate sites.