(September 12, 2012) – San Diego, CA – The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter and strip system is approved for use now in over 50 countries worldwide as part of Entra Health Systems ongoing commitment to better health for a wireless world. Recognized as one of the most accurate personal diabetic care products on the market today, it has clearly become the system of choice for clinical research trials in all corners of the globe.

By design, the MyGlucoHealth Meter and strip system offers high levels of accuracy, with a smaller blood sample size and faster reading. When tested against calibrated laboratory instruments, the MyGlucoHealth Meter meets higher performance standards when compared to many off-the-shelf glucometers. In glucose concentrations of less than 75 mg/dl, MyGlucoHealth tested within plus or minus 6.5% of laboratory calibration, 89% of the time and within 7.5%, 100% of the time. When testing concentrations of greater than 75 mg/dl, MyGlucoHealth was within 5%, 65% of the time, within 10%, 92% of the time and within 15%, 98% of the time.

MyGlucoHealth is based on a highly accurate technology using test strips that employ a new biosensor composed of electrochemical components that requires only an extremely small volume of blood (0.3µL) to achieve a precise measurement. In addition, MyGlucoHealth meters are plasma calibrated to allow easy comparison of results with laboratory methods. By integrating a highly accurate glucometer with direct Bluetooth® communication, MyGlucoHealth offers users an alternative that provides real-time information to more directly control individual patient care, as well as provide clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers.

PHT Corporation, a leading provider of electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) solutions has chosen Entra Health Systems for a strategic partnership. The two companies provide integrated data monitoring technology for the management of clinical trials for the treatment of diabetes and in trials where blood glucose management plays a critical role in the investigation. The integration between PHT’s handheld technology and the MyGlucoHealth’s Wireless glucometer provides maximum ease of use for patients while improving data flow and ensuring participation and compliance. The system improves safety and rewards researchers with more accurate, real-time data from every clinical trials patient, every day.

“The interface with clinical trials and research is extremely important to EHS. From these associations we’re able to learn much more about the products and services we offer from both the user’s and the clinician’s point of view. That information can prove invaluable in an intensely competitive market,” says Rick Strobridge, Entra’s CEO.

About Entra Health Systems – Entra Health Systems recognizes that common wireless technologies are underutilized in healthcare. By applying these and other technologies, the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes will be improved and healthcare costs will be dramatically reduced. Telehealth applications and services offer the potential to extend world-class healthcare to anywhere on the globe. Entra’s Wireless healthcare solutions closely connect healthcare providers with their patients. To learn more, please visit www.entrahealthsystems.com.

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