September 30, 2015 — San Diego, CA — Entra Health today announced the launch of a new video consult application integrated with the company’s MyHealthPoint platform. The new feature allows a clinician, clinical researcher or care provider to engage in direct video consultation with patients through a computer or mobile device. MyHealthPoint is an FDA 510K Class II approved real-time online data collection network.

“Our new video consult capability brings clinicians and patients face-to-face, no matter where they are,” said Richard C. Strobridge, CEO of Entra Health. “This capability has been critically lacking in the FDA-approved remote patient monitoring space. Using video consults, clinicians and care providers can communicate directly with patients to better understand and evaluate the data they are seeing from the Cloud.”

Video Consult is an expansion of Entra360 platform, providing easy-to-implement, turnkey solutions for cloud-based analytics and remote patient monitoring. Researchers, clinicians and other care providers can easily schedule immediate or future video consultations with patients from within the MyHealthPoint Clinical Portal using a drag and drop appointment scheduler. Both the patient and provider receive a notification on a tablet app, by email or SMS message that a video consult has been scheduled. A reminder is then sent 15 minutes before the session begins.

During any video consult, other care providers or remote family members can be invited to participate in a multipoint, multi-person live videoconference. Additional functions include screen-sharing, screen captures and image uploads. The entire video consultation can be recorded and saved as part of the patient electronic health record (EHR) and used for billing. Together with Entra360 technology, patients can be almost anywhere in the world, without physical connection to clinicians that are monitoring their progress.

About Entra Health
Entra Health is an international digital health and IT solutions provider that is focused on cloud-based remote patient monitoring, telehealth, data exchange and analytics. Entra Health’s secure Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) remote patient monitoring solutions and devices have regulatory approval in 50 countries. The company is an international leader in wireless biometric data collection for clinical trials. For more information visit: or call 877-458-2646.

Note: Richard Strobridge is a pioneer in telemedicine and video conferencing having implemented some of the first classified video conferencing systems for the Pentagon, as well as the first telesurgery systems for the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and others.

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