What we do

A Complete End-to-End Solution

Entra Health offers the most flexible, scalable and cost effective mHealth Solution on the market today. Entra’s MyHealthPoint solution provides an integrated, secure and scalable platform for collecting, transmitting and analyzing biometric data across a variety of wellness and clinical devices, fitness and clinical applications, for payers and providers, technology partners, as well as clinical researchers alike. Entra Health is the leader in Remote Patient Monitoring, introducing the world’s first wireless glucose meter almost a decade ago. Entra Health provides:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Telemedicine & Mobile Health
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Data Collection & Transmission
  • Clinical Research Platform
  • Wireless Medical Devices
  • Home Monitoring Kit
  • Device Deployment Logistics
  • Technical Support Call Center

Utilizing sophisticated wireless biometric sensors and devices, Entra collects real time patient readings and seamlessly uploads them to the cloud-based MyHealthPoint platform, for data aggregation, reporting and analysis. Featuring Entra’s MyGlucoHealth blood glucose monitoring system, and use of various best-in-class biometric devices for measuring blood pressure, ECG, weight, activity, temperature, and others, healthcare professionals, clinicians, and care givers can gather vital healthcare information. This data is transmitted and stored in a secure, encrypted cloud-based database, where HIPAA compliant protocols and the privacy controls are maintained across the enterprise. Only through encrypted account access to the MyHealthPoint.com web portal or via Mobile application is the data available to researchers, analysts and care providers.

Entra Health helps its Pharma and CRO customers manage leading edge electronic patient reported outcomes with millions of tests accurately collected, transmitted and analyzed from participants in over 50 countries. Our automated data collection system EntraConnect moves beyond singular readings, paper diaries, and legacy eCOA systems, to an advanced digital platform which includes wireless collection of biometrics via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks. Our FDA Class 2 Platform along with our clinical grade wireless technology & devices are easy to use, enveloped in quality systems and ISO standards. The Entra360 delivery model ensures that our end-to-end solution performs worldwide. Our APIs and software development Kits allows data sharing across multiple enterprise EHR systems, making biometric data collection and analysis a strategic investment. The Entra Health advantage is in our agnostic technology approach, harnessing the MyHealthPoint Platform for seamless device integration, mobile device management, and mobile application interoperability. Entra Health also licenses Entra360 via own brand labeling, of MyGlucoHealth products, services & software.

Entra Health’s entra360 solution provides the operational expertise and service delivery model for the real-time, accurate and direct collection of biometric readings from wireless devices via mobile apps, web portals, and through the EntraConnect API layer (with Apps, Systems, Web services, EHRs, EMRs, etc). entra360 includes hardware, software, platform licensing, training service, logistics, and support.

This data helps clarify and define treatment strategies and improve overall patient care. Clinicians can log into the Platform independently to view a full patient dashboard, evaluate graphs, as well as set monitoring targets and alerts. The MyHealthPoint platform will notify the clinician directly or alert the patient, family or caregivers if readings exceed thresholds. Permission to access the Physicians’ Portal can be granted to multiple clinicians to view a defined population of patient data, with surveying & video TeleMedicine capabilities.

Entra360 is a Platform as a service which provides cloud-based technology and integrated device solutions which help customer achieve their health and clinical goals. Entra serves the pharmaceutical industry and contract research organizations with data collection in worldwide clinical trial. Entra also specializes in providing payers and providers with comprehensive solutions for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, Diabetes and COPD, and hypertension, obesity and nutrition. Entra enables caregivers and healthcare institutions (Clinics, hospitals and home health) with the tools, technology and integrated approach to complex challenges by capturing real-time data.

Our Mission

EntraHealth’s mission is to provide world class management of wellness through wireless connected monitoring and telehealth technology.  Entra is committed to enhancing individual care while reducing the financial burden on individuals and payers. The company operates worldwide, achieving excellence by assuring consistency in quality and delivery of comprehensive, innovative healthcare solutions.